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Tom Kerby – Landscape Architect is passionate about collaborating with clients to achieve a unique and beautiful landscape.

I am a registered Landscape Architect with over 25 years of experience ranging from commercial developments, park master plans, to intimate scale residential landscape designs. Most of my work has taken place in Minnesota; however I have had the opportunity to also work on projects in California, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, and Colorado. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces with an understated, sophisticated vibe is my passion. My designs are distinguished by unique use of materials both for hardscape and plantings.

My continuing professional development has culminated into the opportunity for me to focus on residential design/build. It is a scale of design that allows me to apply my abilities and passion for garden design and architecture to achieve individualized landscape solutions in partnership with each client. My design position at Southview Design offers me the ability to service my clients in a complete process from concept through construction.

Collaborating with the client, I work to listen and understand each client’s desires. In layering these desires onto individual site conditions, I offer my imagination and creativity to create a unique landscape solution for each client.

My design position at Southview Design offers me the ability to further assist and service my clients in making beautiful spaces that are an extension of their home.

  • Landscape Design/Construction/Project Management – for clients, and their projects, that are imagined from the beginning and then followed through to the final installation. This offers the best overall experience to ensure that a projects vision becomes reality.
  • Landscape Construction/Estimating – we work closely with clients and other designers to estimate costs, source material and provide value engineering to ensure a high quality project that is on budget and on time. With pre-construction analysis and our commitment to customer service we offer the following constructions services:
    – Landscape installation
    – Hardscape installation
    – Irrigation
    – Landscape Maintenance
  • Landscape Architectural Services – Aligning with Architects, Engineers and other Designers, I collaborate with other experts to achieve the best approach to project design. These partnerships offer me the opportunity to work with the community’s best professionals.

Initial Meeting – Complimentarycopy-of-vancampen-plan1.jpg
Schedule an appointment to meet, preferably on site.
Meet for about an hour. This provides the following opportunities:

  • discuss objectives of project and required services.
  • an observant walk through your property, as well as viewing it from inside.
  • a discussion about ways to make improvements or changes.
  • a chance to express your sensibilities and describe your lifestyle
  • a brief education about the design process, timelines and warranties.
  • a look at a photo portfolio of recently implemented designs.provision of client references upon request.
  • completion of a design guide to more fully understand your desires/expectations.

Receive your DESIGN AGREEMENT stating a quote for the design fee. If approved and signed payment is received and the design process begins.
Design Development and Preliminary Budget – This phase defines the scope of the project and initiates a preliminary budget for review.

  • On site analysis and site measurements. (photo documentation)
  • Base map development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Plant and Hardscape suggestions
  • General overall construction information.
  • Preliminary budget review
  • Summary of recommendations.

Final Design/Planning and Specification – Development of the final landscape plan per the last review meeting, as well as final details to material specifications and estimate.

  • Soil Testing.20110526-053703.jpg
  • Subcontractor Coordination
  • Final Presentation.
  • Final Design which may include the following
    -Planting Plan
    -Irrigation Plan
    -Lighting Plan
  • Determination of equipment and crew(s) required.
  • Plan Presentation if required to associated groups (Gov’t, Associations)

Contract and Scheduling – Once the final and plan and estimate are approved and construction contract is signed. Once signed and client’s project is then assigned a place in the queue for scheduling. It is not uncommon to for plans/estimates to be ‘tweaked’ even during this phase. Once the project is initiated it is our commitment to finish.
Change Orders – Any changes to project design and materials will be handle with a preapproved changer order by the client.
Final Walk Through – On the scheduled date soon after completion of the project, we will take a guided tour through the project. We will provide information on care and maintenance of your new landscape. And please note we will always be available for any questions or concerns you have your landscape. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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